Chick Tracts - Invite Someone to Read Them Online or Mail Them to People

Chick Tracts

Chick Tracts are one of the most popular and interesting evangelistic tracts or booklets in the world. They are well illustrated. I think that all of their tracts or booklets are online and they are in many languages.

Coronavirus restrictions have interrupted our normal way of using tracts to get the gospel out. We still want to give the tracts out. But some people have become skittish about receiving them! Bible publishers are getting increased sales. Google searches for “prayer” have spiked. So, there is an increased interest in spiritual things.

We need workable ways to get out the gospel. We don’t want people to fear that the tract will transmit a virus. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says paper items, like food packaging have not been a significant source of transmission. But even if, in the remotest event, a tract could carry the virus, it would be only a small dose that would go away in the next handwashing.

It’s a rare event that so many people are searching for spiritual answers. Here are some simple suggestions, that will make it easier to get out tracts:

To make people more comfortable, try this: put on some disposable gloves, then hand tracts out.

Stash tracts where someone can find them.

Send tracts to people by mail.

Place one in a Ziploc bag with a few small pebbles and toss them onto someone’s lawn. This is great in rain and other bad weather, as well.

Place them on a picnic table in a park or at a bus stop enclosure.

Set one on a store shelf where it will be seen.

There are so many ideas! And we bet you have some, too. We would like to hear from you. How are you getting around this attack on the spread of the gospel?

Please send us your innovative ideas and we will share them on our website, future emails, and on Facebook, so everyone can see them.